Current Zero Club (CZC)
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Requirements for Membership

1. Only experts in the field of high voltage circuit breaker arc research are eligible for membership and who are personally working either theoretically or experimentally in high voltage power interruption phenomena
2. The club joins the active experts only but not their superiors or managers
3. Candidates for membership must have published relevant original papers in representative journals
4. The level of these papers must be that of a Ph.D. Thesis (original scientific work)
5. University degrees, memberships etc. are neither needed nor do they privilege the candidate
6. The club is interested in uniting all international experts in the field
7. It is against the interest of the club to contain members who are not working in circuit-breaking but in fields relevant as ‘auxiliary sciences’
8. The club should not contain members who are not expected to continue in the field


9. No member is allowed to send a non-member as a substitute to the paper sessions expect another member or guest presenting his own paper (contributed by the guest himself)

Retired Members

10. If a member retires this does not necessarily mean that he becomes inactive in the scope of the club.
11. If a retired member who was active in circuit-breaking until his retirement continues a private activity and therefore is still interested in the Club he may continue to be an active member.
12. To obviate the possibility that retiring members may want to change their status (though they are still active in any way) in order not to block the way for younger candidate , the number of retired active members will be exempt in relation to “Number of Members”

Number of Members

13. To facilitate round table discussions and to avoid “Listeners” the number of active members is limited to about twenty-five.
14. Not more than two members per laboratory should be admitted.

Termination of Membership

15. Members who have left the fields of circuit-breaking and are no longer interested in that activity of the Club are kindly requested to inform the chairman that they no longer desire to be members of the Club.
16. If a member has not attended two consecutive meetings not sent any written contribution to the secretary to be presented at those meetings, the secretary may ask him six months before the next meeting whether he wishes to remain a member. At the next members’ assembly the secretary will report about such cases and the members must decide on the future status of the missing member.
17. If the missing member did not answer and has not published any relevant paper it must be assumed that he is no longer interested in the field and he has to be deleted as a member.


18. Guests may be invited to the Club’s paper sessions.
19. Each member is allowed to nominate one guest speaker.
20. The secretary has to invite the guest and ask for copies of the candidates paper and a listing of his former publications.
21. Guests may present either their own work which is within the scope of the Club or give a survey paper on a field closely related thereto.
22. Guests may not attend the member’s assemblies.

Election of Members

(a)  A candidate may be nominated by a member only after he delivered an original paper at the meeting.
(b)  Members will be sent the curriculum and list of published papers of the nominee.
(c)  Members will decide by a vote whether or not to promote the guest to the status of member.
(d)  Reprints of the candidate’s paper and a listing of former publications must be distributed to all members before the meeting.
(e)  At the closing meeting, the members present will decide on those guests to be nominated for membership.
(f)  Written objections to candidates should be sent to the chairman within six months from the sending of the minutes to the member.
(g)  If there is an objection against a candidate, a decision will be postponed until the next members’ assembly.

In summary, the entrance requirement to the Group was to have made significant contributions to research in the relevant field and to stay in this field.