Current Zero Club (CZC)
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(a) Meetings will take place biennially.
(b) Meetings are open to all elected members and to individually invited guests.
(See Membership page)
(c) A secretary will be appointed for each meeting, having been elected at the previous meeting and normally being a member from the host country in which the current meeting takes place. He will be responsible for the organization of that meeting, for the agenda in consultation with the chairman, for the minutes and for the circulation of documents concerned with the meeting.
(d) If the chairman elected at the former meeting is not present, the secretary has to chair the sessions.
(e) At the opening of each session the chairman will emphasize the confidentiality of the proceedings incumbent upon members and guests.
(f) At the close of each meeting a convention of members only will decide the location and dates of the next meeting and appoint the chairman and secretary for that meeting. It will receive nominations for new members and submissions of resignation. It is also the occasion on which the affairs of the Club will be discussed and acted upon.


(a) According to the aims of the Club whatever is said at a meeting must be kept as “private communication”.
(b) Written contributions distributed at the meeting must not be forwarded to non-members.
(c) Papers presented at the meeting are “not published” .
(d) The chairman is allowed to give a report on the general activity of the Club in certain cases (e.g. if asked by CIGRE A3), if authorized by the members in the assembly after the paper sessions. At that occasion, certain restrictions can be requested by any member.
(e) The Club has no obligations to any organization in the field of electrical engineering or physics.

Language at the meetings

(a)The official language of the Club is “broken English”.
(b)All written or oral presentations at the meetings should be delivered in English. Nobody should hesitate to use this language imperfectly, since it is of no benefit to present a contribution perfectly but in another language not known by many members.
(c)Those speakers who speak English fluently are allowed to do so, if they speak slowly and distinctly.


(a) The chairman will preside at the assemblies of member and the paper sessions.
(b) He has to supervise the observation of the bylaws.
(c) At the beginning of the paper sessions he has to emphasize the privacy of the meeting.
(d) He has to represent the Club until the next meeting.
(e) The chairman may be but need not be re-elected repeatedly to facilitate continuity.
(f) Since the secretaryship is by rotation, the chairman will instruct the new secretary on his duties and act as his advisor.


(a) The secretary is required to organize the next meeting.
(b) He has to call for papers and guests one year before the meeting.
( c) He has to forward a list of proposed guests and the titles of their papers to the chairman, and after review with the chairman, to all the members.
(d) He has to invite the members and the accepted guests six months before the meeting.
(e) Six months before the meeting he has to ask those members who had missed the last two meetings without sending a written contribution, whether they were interested to remain members.
(f) At the next members assembly, he has to report on these cases.
(g) He has to write the minutes of the assembly of members and send it to the chairman for countersignature within 3 months.
(h) He has to distribute the signed minutes together with an up-to-date mailing list of the members within six months after the meeting.

List of Past Meetings

1961 Arnhem, Plenary Meeting
1963 Kassel, Plenary Meeting
1965 September, Baden, Plenary Meeting
1967 September, Berlin, Plenary Meeting
1969 September, Paris, Plenary Meeting
1971 July, Pittsburgh, Plenary Meeting
1973 September, Newcastle, Plenary Meeting
1975 Bergamo, Plenary Meeting
1977 September, Vienna, Plenary Meeting
1979 Aachen, Plenary Meeting
1981 July, Troy, Plenary Meeting
1983 August, Arnhem, Plenary Meeting
1985 September, Ludvika, Plenary Meeting
1988 September, Baden, Plenary Meeting
1990 September, Aachen, Plenary Meeting
1991 September, Tokyo, Plenary Meeting
1992 September, Liverpool, Plenary Meeting
1994 April, Ratingen, Vacuum Circle
1994 May, Berlin, Plenary Meeting
1995 May, Eindhoven, Vacuum Circle
1995 Oct, Grenoble, Plenary Meeting
1996 July, Berkeley, Vacuum Circle
1997 September, Rayleigh, Plenary Meeting
1998 April, Rugby, Vacuum Circle
1999 July, Newcastle, Summercourse, Modelling Circle
1999 September, Arnhem, Plenary Meeting
2000 May, Ratingen, Vacuum Circle
2001 September, Newcastle, Plenary Meeting
2002 September, Hengelo, Vacuum Circle
2003 September, Grenoble, Plenary Meeting
2004 September, Grenoble, Vacuum Circle
2005 November, Baden, Plenary Meeting
2006 December, Arnhem, Vacuum Circle, Gas Circle
2007 November, Berlin, Plenary Meeting
2009 May, Braunschweig, Vacuum Circle
2009 November, Liverpool, Plenary Meeting
2010 September, Greifswal, Gas Circle
2011 September, Montpellier, Vacuum Circle