Current Zero Club (CZC)
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Introduction to the Club

The Scope of the Club

The sphere of activity of the Club is limited to interruption and make phenomena in high power circuit-breakers and its membership elected from those engaged in the field. 

The subject would not be confined to the “interaction period” of about 100 μs around current zero, but would include the whole arcing period or fault event in so far as this determines the initial conditions, both physical ( e. g. pressure, gas flow ) and electrical of that period. 

All types of high voltage circuit breakers, including HVDC breakers come within the scope of the Club as well as considerations of mechanical and fluid dynamical behavior. 

Contact phenomena, however are excluded in so far as they do not influence the interruption problem; they are to be considered, if they become important for the arcing phenomena, e.g. in vacuum interrupters.

For the being it seems improbable that high voltage circuits could be interrupted economically by other means than the electric arc. Nevertheless, should promising developments occur in such devices as synchronized contact separation, semiconductors, superconductivity or the like, then these would naturally be pursued.


(a) The official language of the Club is “Broken English”. 
(b) All written or oral presentations at the meetings should be delivered in English. Nobody should hesitate to use this language imperfectly, since it is of no benefit to present a contribution perfectly but in another language not known by many members. 
(c)Those speakers who speak English fluently are allowed to do so, if they speak slowly and distinctly.