Current Zero Club has specific requirements of eligibility for membership. Details of these are contained within section 6 of the byelaws. 

Election of Members


6.7 Becoming a member

Any expert who personally works either theoretically or experimentally in the field covered by the scope may be a candidate for Club membership. If the nominated candidate meets all of the following requirements, then this person can be nominated to become a member of the Club.

Candidates shall:

(e) have published original papers covering the scope in relevant quality periodicals reporting their original scientific work at or about that required level for a Doctoral thesis.
(f) be active in the field directly connected to the scope and is not expected to leave the field within the foreseeable future.
(g) have attended at least two Club meetings and at least one as a guest at plenary session and have given at least two presentations related to their research work.
(h) send (through the member who is their nominator for candidature) their curriculum vitae and a list of their published papers to the Chair and the Secretary, if required thereafter by a member a reprint (or equivalent). The Chair will contact the candidate and request such reprints (or equivalent). The candidate shall send the selected reprints (or equivalent) to the Chair for distribution.

For a candidate to become a member they are required to satisfy the following criteria:

vi. All requirements from (6.7 a to d) shall be completely fulfilled by the candidate.
vii. Only the achievements of the candidate in the related field shall be considered and not university degree, other memberships, place in their organization, etc.
viii. The candidate shall fulfill the requirement for membership (6.2)
ix. The candidate adds to the balance of the Club membership.
x. The procedure to become a member is as follows:
1. Members become acquainted with an expert as a guest at least two meetings (including at least one plenary) prior to the “voting” at a members’ meeting, where members will vote on a candidate.
2. At least one member nominates the guest as candidate for membership, in a plenary session prior to the “voting” members’ meeting,
3. The documents in (d) shall be sent to the Chair and the Secretary six months before the next plenary session at which the vote will take place. The Chair distributes these documents and handles possible requests for reprints (or equivalent) directly with the candidate.
4. At the plenary session when the vote is to occur and after an evaluation of the candidate, members vote whether they provisionally accept the candidate as a member.
5. If the vote is negative, the candidate may be re-evaluated at the next plenary session.
6. If the vote is positive, a period of six months starts within which members can still raise objections against the candidate. These shall be communicated to all other members within six months after the plenary session at which the vote was taken.
7. If no objections are received by the Chair within 6 months, the candidate becomes a member.
8. If objections are received, the candidate may be re-evaluated at the next plenary session.