Gas Circle

On the technology of current interruption with SF6 and other gases in transmission and distribution systems.



Dr. Martin Seeger (Hitachi Energy, Switzerland)

Published CIGRE reference paper on SF6 alternative gases related to current interruption: M. Seeger, R. Smeets, J. Yan, H. Ito, M. Claessens, E. Dullni, C. M. Franck, F. Gentils, W. Hartmann, Y. Kieffel, S. Jia, G. Jones, J. Mantilla, S. Pawar, M. Rabie, P. Robin-Jouan, H. Schellekens, J. Spencer, T. Uchii, X. Li and S. Yanabu

“Recent development and interrupting performance with SF6 alternative gases”, Electra, No. 291, April 2017, 26-29, 2017



Various meetings coinciding with other relevant conferences

“Joint Circle” meeting of the Current Zero Club.
Sept 5-10, 2010 Greifswald, Germany “Gas Circle” meeting Chaired by Martin Seeger titled: “Switching in SF6 and its Future”